To consolidate all descendants of First Peoples in Trinidad and Tobago; to work proactively with all communities who share the common interests of these indigenous traditions.

The Chief

Some of Chief Bharath-Hernandez key achievements are:

  1. Revitalizing the Santa Rosa Festival
  2. Obtaining financial support for the community’s activities
  3. Constructing a Community Centre
  4. Representing the Community on issues affecting their sustainability
  5. Fostering links and working relationships with other Caribbean Amerindians
  6. Holding classes in traditional Carib techniques for students of all ages
  7. Lobbying for land and funds for the Community, and highlighting the importance of the First Peoples contribution to the Nation
  8. Creating a formal organizational structure for the Community
  9. Presenting a First Peoples perspective for media visitors, and assisting local and foreign researchers in learning more about the Carib Community

Ricardo Bharath – Hernandez

Chief – Santa Rosa First Peoples Community

Chief Ricardo Bharath Hernandez is a key figure responsible for the revival and resurgence of the First Peoples/Carib Community.  He is deeply involved in the maintenance of the Santa Rosa Festival and has held on to enduring childhood memories of the elders, the traditions, and the beauty of the Festival, which is central to the life of the Community.  He is a Genealogist, and the Author of several books on Indigenous Identity, with particular reference to the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community.

Chief Ricardo Bharath Hernandez is what some would term a “culture broker.” He is responsible for networking with a wide range of institutions and agents: religious organizations, national political parties, businesses, diplomats, government ministries, the mass media, other cultural groups and ethnic associations, researchers, and indigenous groups and organizations in the Caribbean and North America. He is the Chief and prime “gatekeeper” of the First Peoples/Carib Community, and Chief of the Caribbean Organisation of Indigenous Peoples.

He served as a Councillor with the Arima Borough Corporation for a period of 18 years (1992-2010) six of which were in the capacity of Deputy Mayor.  For three years of his tenure, he served as Chairman of the Security Committee, and fifteen years as Chairman of the Culture Committee. In this capacity he did not only promote the Amerindian/First Peoples Culture, but ensured that all the different ethnicities within the Borough had a place for the expression of their culture.

Chief Ricardo Bharath Hernandez is married to Merlene Bharath Hernandez, and is the proud Father of two daughters – Amrita and Angelita, and one son Ricardo Jr.

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