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Santa Rosa First Peoples / Press Release  / FIRST PEOPLES OFFER SUPPORT TO DOMINICA


The Santa Rosa First Peoples Community joins with the regional and international community in expressing our concern for the plight of the people and countries who have experienced the destruction caused by the recent Hurricanes.

Such devastating hurricanes include Bret, Harvey, Irma and Jose, the Earthquakes in Mexico, and the most recent Hurricane “Maria” that has devastated already afflicted countries, and in particular ravished Dominica.

“In my capacity as Chief of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community, and Chair of the Caribbean Organisation of Indigenous Peoples (COIP), I make a strong appeal for support to Dominica where a large sector of the population is comprised of First Peoples.

“I join with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, The Honourable Dr. Keith Rowley in his call to Trinidad and Tobago to open its homes to Dominicans seeking refuge.

“I am happy to state that the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community is ready to offer such assistance, and is prepared to enter into discussion with the relevant offices here in Trinidad and in Dominica.

In addition, “The Hurricane Maria Relief Appeal for Dominica” will be opened today at the Community’s Headquarters at 7 Paul Mitchell Street, Arima.  Donors can sign the Appeal Sheet committing to donations of Clothing, toiletry items, and non-perishable food and beverage goods.

“Let us exercise the spirit of justice and mercy to our brothers and sisters who are victims of disturbances in the natural environment, and human tragedy.”


Ricardo Bharath Hernandez

Chief, Santa Rosa First Peoples Community